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A comprehensive series of blueprints and systems to help you build and optimise your own SA business.  

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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Business

You can benefit from our extensive experience running serviced accommodation in several cities, and helping run hundreds more across the UK. 

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 6x content crammed modules

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The Creative
Mindset MatrixTM



The Principles
Of Power SourcingTM


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The Short Stay Stress Free SystemTM


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The Revenue
Management MatrixTM



The SA Operating


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The Direct Booking 


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The Creative Mindset MatrixTM

Start with the end in mind. 

Gone are the days when you could acquire any property, in any area, list it anyhow, and wait for whatever guests turned up. 
With an abundance of short term properties now it is time to carefully consider your niche market and your perfect guest-type.

  • We can show you how to find your goldmine area
  • We can help you source your perfect properties
  • We will discuss the importance of having a USP
  • We can help you have a steady flow of perfect guests
  • We will discuss planning requirements
  • We will guide you on what compliance you need to consider
  • We'll also discuss the importance of time-tabling tasks so you get online and taking bookings as quickly as possible
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The Principles of Power SourcingTM

Understanding the needs of a landlord, an agent, and a developer are key when using them to source your properties. Stop thinking that they are in charge. You are the pay master. You are in charge. Every good SA business gets to the position where business comes to them. We are going to show you how to position yourself quickly to close on R2SA deals whether that be direct to landlord, through letting agents, or even direct to developer

  • We’ll help you position yourself with landlords, agents and developers
  • We’ll share what landlords, agents, and developers need to hear
  • We’ll warn you what not to say to landlords, agents, and developers
  • We show you where to find landlords
  • We guide you on how to find your developers
  • We will teach you how to overcome the typical agent obstructions
  • We will help you close your deals
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The Direct Booking BlueprintTM

Stop sharing your profits with the online travel agents!  Learn how to market for direct bookings, be findable to anyone who searches for you and have guests keep coming back to you, because you are the best host ever.

  • We can show you how to convert OTA bookings to commission free bookings
  • We can help you use social media to fill your calendar
  • Learn why your value proposition can make or break your business
  • We'll show you what you can learn from hotels
  • We'll give you tips and tricks to keep direct booking guests coming back to you 
  • We'll teach you when to pay commission and when not to

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The Short Stay Stress Free SystemTM

So much you need to know!


Avoid the stress by using our systems and processes designed to save you time and money.

  • Private Facebook Group
  • Workshops (VIP seating)
  • Expert Interviews
  • Tutorial Thursdays
  • Bonus I - Serviced Accommodation 'Biz in a Box' 
  • Bonus II - SA Legends - Heathrow Recordings
  • WEEKLY drip feed SA Business Builder Home Study Course
  • minimum of 12 monthly payments

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The Revenue Management MatrixTM

Price like a pro. 

Rates should change daily to ride the wave of demand and supply.  You need a pricing strategy to optimise your profits.  We can show you how and everything else you need to consider too.

  • We will show you how to use the Visibility Booster from Booking to increase bookings
  • We'll introduce you to geo-rates
  • We'll explain the Profitable Pricing Strategy
  • We'll teach you how to add value that your guests will pay extra for
  • We'll explain the importance of having a competitor set and how this can increase your profits 
  • We'll teach you how to interrogate your analytics to ensure maximum profit

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The SA Operating SystemTM

Give your guests the warmest, cleanest, most organised welcome you can, but you also need to protect your business from the professional refund hunters who will take advantage of your SA model. 

  • We'll discuss the pros and cons of buying vs hiring linen
  • We'll explain your options for hiring cleaners
  • We'll teach you about CoSHH and any other H&S regulations that you need to know
  • We'll share our cleaning lists with you
  • We'll go through cleaning apps to help you run your housekeeping
  • We'll show you how to protect your business from poor cleaners and refund hunting guests

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There are

The SA LegendsTM

Video and audio recordings from our 3 day multi speaker event in Heathrow

  • Sourcing from Developers - David Fernley
  • Sourcing from Agents - Ross Mallalieu
  • Systems - Amanda Walker Fernley
  • Payments - Amanda Walker Fernley
  • Operations - David & Amanda
  • Keynest - Marc 
  • Zeevou - Ammar 
  • Optimise Revenue - Mirelle Maunder-Brown
  • Top Tips - Jason Living
  • Airbnb - Kelly Scales
  • Capital Allowances - Usman Nazir
  • Contracts - Chris Coates

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The SA Biz In A BoxTM

Download our contracts and documents to start your own operating manual. 

  • Management Agreement
  • SA Management Terms
  • JV Agreement
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Legionella Risk Assessment 
  • CoSHH Risk Assessment
  • T&C for Serviced Accommodation
  • Skill/Fun Matrix
  • ...and more

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